Express Mail Logistic Delivery can help you with your pet travel in the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands). Domestic pet travel requires that your pet is fit to travel, over 8 weeks of age, and is current on their rabies vaccination (if applicable). We also provide regional ground transportation.

We have a network of ground transporters we work with that can assist with cross country moves of difficult to ship snub nosed breeds. Additionally, with our network of airline carriers, we can provide airport to airport service to most airports in the United States. Planning your pet’s relocation in addition to moving your household can be overwhelming and time consuming. We make arrangements for boarding, veterinary services, even advise you on temporary housing solutions that are pet friendly. Our full service staff is well versed with all the requirements to ensure your pet travels safely and arrives using the most direct route to their destination. Consequently, pet air travel is usually much less stressful on your pet and your family than trying to move your pet in the car.

Our Pet transportation options include;

  1. Safety of your pet and comfort stops. 
  2. Paperwork reviews  
  3. Veterinary services  
  4. Door to door delivery 
  5. Travel crates (we also keep our finger on the market to see where you can order them the cheapest) 
  6. Kennel preparations 
  7. Booking of all flights and comfort stops 
  8. Boarding & kenneling 
  9. Monitoring of pet’s travel and addressing transportation delays due to weather, mechanical issues, or illness. 

Whether you are looking for pet travel because of a job change, vacation, rescue organizations, or even adoption, we can help with all your pets travel needs! Complete our pet travel request form today for a no-obligation estimate – Request an estimate or call us to speak to a Pet Transportation Specialist about your specific travel plan needs.

International pet transport

When you’re not able to travel with your pet on a move or vacation outside your country, you’ll need someone you can trust to take good care of this important member of your family.

Relocating your pet from one country to another involves paperwork, transportation, proper identification, and pickup and delivery. Above all, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable during their trip, and that everything from check-in to clearing customs is smooth and uneventful.

Here are some of the services we can provide for you when shipping your pet internationally:

  • Plan Your Pet’s Route – We will find the best route for your pet, keeping them on the most direct route possible that can accommodate your pet’s needs.
  • Visit to the Vet – We can provide for a visit to a licensed and accredited veterinarian shortly before the travel date to obtain required travel forms and tests.
  • USDA Endorsement – we can arrange for USDA endorsement which is required for all pets departing the United States.
  • Provide All Equipment Necessary – We can provide IATA compliant pet crates, hardware, pads, water bottles, microchips, and all equipment necessary for your pet to travel internationally.
  • Complete Paperwork – We will obtain and complete all necessary paperwork required by the airline and the destination country prior to your pet’s travel date, including USDA endorsement.
  • Schedule Kenneling – We can arrange for any kenneling necessary to accommodate your pet’s flight schedule, whether in the originating city, layover city or destination city.
  • Check-In, Pickup & Drop Off – We can provide for pickup, delivery and check-in of your pet at the airline as well as pickup, customs clearance and delivery of your pet at its destination.

Can you provide for pre-travel arrangements such as kenneling, vet visits, completion of forms and endorsements?

Absolutely, we can provide this service for you.
Can you pick up my pet at my house and check my pet at the cargo facility?

Absolutely, we can provide this service for you.
Can you handle customs clearance and deliver my pet to me at home?

Absolutely, we can provide this service for you.
How much will transporting my pet cost?

Every pet relocation is different. Our prices for international pet shipping are very reasonable, and we work hard to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your pet.
First Step:

Get a free, no obligation quote for our services. Please complete a pet transport quote form and we will respond promptly.

Safe and Sound Ground Pet Transport

Transporting pets is a business that involves a lot of moving parts to ensure everything is handled safely, efficiently, and moving conveniently for both you and your pet. That’s why we’re breaking down the steps for you to make sure the pet transport process goes off without a hitch!

Booking Transport

  1. First, you pick from one of our services. Are you in Central Florida? If so, check out our central florida pet transport service for local relocation. If not, please continue reading. Shared ride pet transport is a scheduled route with other pets that cuts down on costs and depends on our schedule. Private pet transport is tailored exactly to you and your pets needs. It is a luxurious, one-on-one experience for your loved ones. Escorted air pet transport involves a nanny that flies with your pet anywhere across North America.
  2. Once you’ve chosen a service, you fill out our booking form.
  3. Our staff gets in contact with you to arrange pick up and drop off dates. We will also record the names of the people expected to be present at pick up and drop off for verification purposes in the future. Please note our business operates on a preplanned route that ensures we can pick up as many pets as possible in as efficient manner as possible. That means, even if you’re looking to move your pet one state over, you could be looking at a travel time of up to 5 days. We do this to ensure flexibility for all clients as well as safety measures for all pets aboard our vehicles including rest stops for drivers and exercise for animals. However, pets are delivered in less than one week in most cases.

Preparing for Transport

When preparing your pet for transport, include any necessary food, restraints, bedding, etc that you would like to accompany your pet on the trip. This also includes receiving a certificate of health from your vet, if you do not have one already.

We’ll arrive at your home for pick up (unless receiving a new pet from a breeder out of state) and require both photo I.D. and a signature from the person specified to be present at pick up. If you are receiving a new pet from a breeder out of state, at pick up we will send a photo verification to ensure the animal we are picking up on your behalf is the same animal you paid for.

Your pet begins its journey, and receives plenty of exercise and love along the way!
We arrange for drop-off. We will call with a given time frame for drop-off to ensure you are there to greet your pet upon his/her arrival home. At drop-off, we will also require photo identification and the signature of the person expected to receive the animal.

You (hopefully) write us a great review! If you were satisfied with the pet transport process, we’d love to hear about it and see some photos of their arrival home to you!

crate for pets

In all cases, a temperature regulatory crate is need for the safe transportation of animals which keeps the animal warm and comfortable during the period of transportation and also to prevent mechanical injury. A deposit is always required for this crate .

NB: This crate is not sold to individuals and must be retrieved after delivery and the deposit refunded to the receiver.
Receiver must present identification and sign the document before any refunds in made (Cash , bank account transfer, credit card )


Insurance normally applies for pets (Puppy, kitten, horses, etc) below 15 weeks of age and for birds (fowls parrots ) below 36 months of age. This insurance is REFUNDABLE insurance and must be paid prior to shipping of the animal in order to ensure the life of the animal during the period of transportation, and the amount applied varies with the type of animal and the quantity. Refunds are always instant either by cash, bank account transfer, credit card etc upon arrival of your animals. In some cases, these refunds might take 24 hours to be processed. Receivers are always advised to upload the front and back picture of their identity at our website for verification.


Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be passed between animals and also from animals to people. Diseases prevalent in wildlife, such as rabies and distemper, can infect unvaccinated pets. In many areas, local or state ordinances require certain vaccinations of household pets. This diseases includes:

  • Tetanus-Diphtheria. Vaccine.
  • Measles Vaccine.
  • Mumps Vaccine.
  • Rubella Vaccine.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine.
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine.
  • Rabies Vaccine.
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria.

There is always a fee for this vaccine to be administered and receiver should make sure the fees is paid within the period of 24 hours after notifications.